Easter Sermon

Easter Sermon

BIBLE READING: (Luke Ch: 24 verses 13-24)

Text: (Luke Ch: 24 v 15 Jesus Himself drew near, and went with them).

Friends; the Coronavirus is around the world, many people have lost their lives through death, family are sad and heart-broken of their sudden loss.  Many people are also self-isolating (Stay at home); so that we can over-come this deadly virus.   It will take months for all us to get back to a normal life again.  In these days of uncertainly, you and I can find help and comfort in God’s Word.                                                        

Let us consider this wonderful resurrection story in; (Luke Ch: 24 verses 13-24)

This above text in; (Luke Ch: 24 v 15Jesus Himself drew near, and went with them”); this is a great verse to hold unto in these dark difficult days in which we are living in. 

In the Gospel of Luke Chapter 24; we read of some people who had trouble hearts. Something had disturbed their inward Peace; a death of a love-one.

  • PERLEXED HEARTS (v 4); the woman at (Jesus’ tomb).
  • SAD (DISCOURAGED) HEARTS (v 17, v 35); the two on the Emmaus Road.
  • TROUBLED HEARTS (v 38) (verses 36-46); the Ten Disciples in the upper Room.
  • JOYFUL HEARTS (v 52) ;( verses 46-53). The Eleven Disciples in the upper Room.  From Sadness to Gladness.

You may be here today at this service and you are feeling down-hearted, discouraged and there are many things that are going against you.  You are not alone; these two on the Emmaus Road, (disciples or husband and wife) were feeling the same way discouraged down-hearted and sad. You may even be afraid of the future.

Let us this morning take encouragement and learn, four things from this story in (Luke Ch:24) and see if they may be a help to you and me today: – 

1) THE PROBLEMS THAT TROUBLED THEIR MINDS: (v 17)                                                                 Their Problems were one of disappointment, distress and death of a love-one; which brought them sorrow (v 17).

  • They communed and reason together (v 15)
  • They were sad and discouraged (v 17).
  • They were trying to solve the Problem themselves    (verses 18-21).

(When we are faced with the Problems of life; sometimes we forget about the Lord. -Yet we know; He was their all the time

** Illustration!  Jesus and the Storm in; (Mark Ch: 4 vs 35-41).  The Lord Jesus is asleep in the boat (v 38), there was “a great storm arose” v 37).  Jesus stills the storm, (v 39 “there was a great calm”).  (Let the Lord Jesus today still “the great storm” in your heart todayHand over to Him your Problems and concerns).  (1st Peter Ch:5v 7 “Casting all your cares upon Him; for He cares for you”).

2) THE PRESENCE THAT TOUCHED THEIR LIVES: (v 15 Jesus himself drew near, and went with them)

The Lord Jesus came and touched their lives and they did not know it (v 15).  He was unrecognised by the two (v16)

He (Jesus) is with us when faced with trials and difficulties in life.            ** (See Illustration on the Life of Joseph (Genesis Ch:39 v 3 “and God was with him (Joseph”).

*** Notice what Jesus did as he walked and talk with His people.  “He opened their eyes” (v 31); “He opened the scriptures to them” (v 32). (It is only God’s word that can us in our times of discouragement and when many things are going against us). “He opened their understanding to all of them in the Upper Room; (v 45” that they might the understand the scriptures”).  (One day; when you and I meet the Lord Jesus; He will explain the reason why; (you and I) had to go through the valleys of difficulties of life).                                                         

(Read here Hymn; “Not now but in the Coming Years

(Not now, but in the coming years,
It may be when with Christ we stand,
We’ll read the meaning of our tears,
And there, sometime, we’ll understand

3) THE PURPOSE THAT TRANSFORMED THEIR FUTURE: (v 33 “and they rose up the same hour and returned to Jerusalem… and told the disciples “the Lord is risen indeed).           

These two believers (husband and wife) had seen the risen Lord.  Christ the Messiah had come to die on the cross and to rise again the third day.  Because Jesus is alive, they return quickly to Jerusalem… and told the disciples the Lord is risen indeed.  The Lord Jesus then He appears to His disciples and commissions them to go and proclaim this good-news to the world.  (Mark Ch: 16 v 15 “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature”).                                                                                  

(May we take these words to heart and go and tell the good-news of the Gospel, this is our Christian duty to the Lord. We are serving a rising exalted Lord. 

What transformed their Future? Was knowing the Jesus was alive forever more, therefore, we can have-

(a) His Presence (He is with us), we can claim (b) His Peace, and have (c) His Power, for He is in us (by His Spirit), and we will trust Him to lead and guide us day by day.                                                                                                                          

May we also stand firmly on His Promises– (“I will never leave you, nor forsake you” Hebrews Ch:13 v 5); and (Isaiah Ch:41v 10 ” Fear you not; for I am with you…”).

4) THE PEACE THAT TAUGHT THEM ALL IS WELL: (v 36).  These two on the Emmaus Road, where in the Upper Room with the disciples, when Jesus appears unto them; (Luke Ch:24 v 36 and John Ch:20 verses 19-29). 

The reason why He appeared unto his own was you give to them the assurance that He did rise again from the death.  He had fore-told them, that He would die on the cross and rise again on the third day.  Jesus always keeps his word.

The Lord Jesus brought to all of them: –                                              

** (1) HIS PRESENCE (v 15 Jesus himself drew near, and went with them”).  **(God was with Moses and Joshua and He will be with us).         

** (2) HIS PEACE (v 11“Peace be unto you; my Peace I give unto you”). (Hebrews Ch:13 v 20“now the God of peace”).   (Men and Women throughout the whole world can now have “Peace with God” Romans Ch:5 v 1).  As the Lord Jesus speaks to them, He showed to them his nail-print hands; this was to prove to them; it was really Him. “I have risen from the dead”. Then the Lord Jesus gives to them.                                                                                                               

** (3) HIS PROMISE (v 49” behold, I send the Promise of my Father upon you”). and then He gave to them –                                                

** (4) HIS POWER (of the Holy Spirit) (v 49 “be endued with Power from on high”).

Text: (Luke Ch: 24); “Jesus himself drew near and went with them”). Friends; in these days of uncertainly and we are plagued with Coronavirus.  Remember today God’s PRESENCE is with us; (and He will Protect us from all evil (Psalm 91 verses 1-11).

HIS PEACE is in usHIS PROMISE – He is with us Day by Day; for he has said; (“I will never leave you ,nor forsake you” Hebrews Ch:13 v 5).  He also has given to us HIS POWER to help us in our Christian living.